TOP PHOTO 015 | Rio Odiel abstract Overview |
In the list of my Top Photos there are a few Rio Tinto examples. The image here is from the Rio Odiel in the same drainage-area. This river exhibits the same peculiar colours.
A year ago I made a series of photographs of a group of rocks in the Rio Odiel of which some are included in the gallery ‘Spain’. When I saw the result I thought: there is more in it with type of image. Last summer I returned to the area and this picture is one of the results. I took it in the early morning hours with the rocks still being in the shadow. The trick was to keep the colour balance at the normal 5500K daylight temperature. The reflection of the blue sky then creates a very cool image. Because the yellow-orange colours are so dominant, they still remain present. This way you pull the colours apart so to say, resulting in this surrealistic image.

Panasonic GX8, f/2.8 35-100mm, at 85mm f/4, iso 200