Lectures, an overview...

Apart from exhibitions and sale, you can apply to me for slide-shows.

The gallery gives a good impression of the material from which to compose the lecture. At request the presentation can be done digitally, in which case I would like you to inform me on the resolution of the beamer on hand. However, personally I strongly prefer analogue projection. And, in view of the positive criticism that I have been receiving after the shows, apparently this is broadly supported by the audience thusfar. For the lectures I use my own medium format slide projector(s). In all modesty to those who do not know this projection format, this way of presenting is still unsurpassed in terms of colour rendering and amount of detail. One does need I fair screen size, I would say at least 2x2 m, preferably larger.

My presentations are always dedicated toward the event, hence I have no standard series off the shelf. In concert with the interested party we decide upon a lecture tuned to the occasion in terms of duration and subject. That can be a general story based on all material I have in stock, or a more specific topic of for example a single country or area.

To those of you interested in the above, please get in touch with me.

Recently I gave presentations at:
Natuurcentrum "De Schaapskooi", Schoonrewoerd;
The opening of the Tuesday afternoon series of lectures at the Museon, The Hague, September 2008;
Society for the Preservation of Nature and Landscape Goeree-Overflakkee, November 2008;
Various (nature) photographer societies.

I was granted a couple of ‘highlights’ at the competition for the election of the ‘Europäischer Naturfotograf des Jahres’ at the GDT in Germany.

Natuurfotografie, ‘Leon Hermans: Ik ben een beschouwende fotograaf’ door Wim Broekman in De Fotograaf nr. 2, 2008 - pagina 37-39.