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Nature as ArtUPDATED
In this category you will find pictures with a more artistic view, while nature sometimes becomes less recognisable. It’s an area
in which I feel at home, at least I hope that is reflected in the quality of the photos.
Water is an essential element in nature, and therefore deserves to be a category of its own. The dynamics of flowing water and
the subtlety of lighting play an important role. The photos in this category must have water as main motive.
Frozen water creates a world of its own. I have encountered so many ice structures over the years that a separate grouping is justified. The 'ice works' are mostly photographed in Iceland, Scandinavia and mid-Europe.
Though I am not a specialist in photographing plants and flowers, sometimes one arrives at a location, where the flora really
asks to be photographed. The pictures are from everywhere in Europe.
Mushrooms are in a way somehow mystical to me: their appearance, their habitat, their growing in obscured places and the confrontation with the autumnal decay. Most photographs I took in the Netherlands.
After having been hitchhiking through Iceland some 35 years ago, more recently I have visited Iceland during four trips in winter
time in the period 2000 - 2004. The photos in this category are from these winter trips.
Shots on a number of visits to Norway, Denmark and Sweden can be found in this category, covering all seasons. Especially the autumn colours in the Norwegian natural parks in Dovrefjell and Rondane were very appealing to me.
The NetherlandsUPDATED
Photographing trees is one of my favourites. They are well represented in this Dutch collection, in images taken on the Veluwe
and other woody areas. In addition, of course, other land- and seascapes as well as some small-scale stuff.
Great Britain
By far most of the photographs in this gallery are made in Scotland, one of my favorite destinations, especially in autumn.
One of my favourite destinations on fairly short trips is to our neighbouring country Germany. Frequently visited areas are the Bavarian Forest, Sauerland and the Hunsrück.
In this gallery you will find impressions from both the east and the west of France, with regions like Vosges, Jura and Brittany.
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