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Middle & Eastern Europe
A mixture of nature photographs taken in the Tsjechian Republic, Slowakija and Hungary. Emphasis in this gallery is on
a number of rock labyrinth landscapes like Teplice Skály near the Tsjechian-Polish border.
For many years we pay, at least yearly, a visit to Switzerland. One of my favourite areas is the Bernese Oberland, where I
meanwhile gathered a respectable number of winter impressions.
In two subsequent autumns I have been photographing in southern Tyrol, a region in northern Italy. Highlights here are the
landscapes, sometimes intermixed with a bit of culture, waterfalls, and some peculiar Earth Pyramid formations.
One of my preferred countries for nature photography with its open landscapes, like Extremadura. However, also the more
subtle photography of abstract & detail can be enjoyed in areas such as Las Bardenas Reales and Rio Tinto.

In the autumn of 2009 I was so happy as to visit Western Greenland for a month.
A memorable photographic experience, with visits to the locations Kangerlussuaq, Illulissat and Uummannaq.
United States of America
A new gallery with images from the western part of the United States.
There will be further additions in the updates to come.
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