TOP PHOTO 014 | The Burren Overview |
Some time ago I visited Ireland. The most remarkable landscape we encountered was The Burren in the west part of the country. It is a vast limestone area with a peculiar type of erosion. Over some 250 square km (Wikipedia) one sees a flat greyish surface with hardly any vegetation, following the hill contours. The surface is completely broken up by the erosion with countless fissures.
It looks quite impressive and strange, but how to make a good photograph of it?
Here is my attempt, using a super wide angle lens while choosing a camera position close to the ground. I decided to concentrate on just a few solitary rocks positioned on the flat surface. To my luck the cloudy sky added just that bit of dramatism which was required for this almost colourless scene.

Panasonic Lumix GX7, f/4 7-14mm at 7 mm f/6.3, tripod