TOP PHOTO 012 | Icebergs, clouds and sunshine - Uummannaq, Greenland Overview |
This is the second picture from Uummannaq in Northwest Greenland that I have chosen as Top Photo. The reason for selecting it here is simply because it won a prize...
We look on an autumn afternoon across the bay to the South. During a short period of time the sunlight broke through the quickly changing cloudy sky. I took a short series of photos and then it was over. I have placed one of them already at an earlier stage in the Greenland Gallery. The 2000 m high mountains in the background form a nice enclosure. It is just the colour contrast between the somewhat warmish small clouds with the subtle sunrays and the cooler rest of the scene that does it for me.

Panasonic Lumix GX1, f/4-5.6 100-300mm at 100mm f/7