TOP PHOTO 011 | Reflection Overview |
December last year I was in the Bavarian Forest. On a hike through the woods in the vicinity of Falkenstein we came across a cascade of a few ponds with flowing water. I’m always intrigued by reflections because the waves are changing so quickly that one cannot predict the outcome when taking pictures, getting a variety of results that are often very surprising.
Directly from the side of the pond I couldn’t get enough overview for a good shot, however, luckily there was a second pathway going up high enough.
This photo is one of a series of many, all different and very surprising indeed. The circumstances were not that favourable because it was close to sunset and the light was dimming, which forced a compromise between aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity.
The black contours and spots are – in hindsight – caused by the fir forest and free standing tree-trunks in the dim backlight. The blue areas are reflections from the partially blue sky above.

Panasonic GX7, Panasonic f/4-5.6 100-300 mm, f/7.1, 250 mm (500mm FF eq.), 1600 iso