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Chat on a Particular Picture

Sometimes a picture emerges that I like particularly,
and I would appreciate sharing with you its background and how it was made.
003 | Cornflowers and Poppies
It was an early morning the beginning of June. Driving through the mid-Spanish interior, we came across a field with cornflowers and some poppies. The sight was not really impressive. It was pretty windy with diffuse backlight. I started making a series of conventional shots, however, without much confidence... Read on...
002 | Mountain Ash covered with hoar-frost
For people who know my photography this image is a "classic". Still though, I thought it would be nice to share its background with you. For several winters I enjoy visiting a small, shielded valley situated at the foot of the Eiger Mountain in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland. We use to go there in... Read on...
001 | Sparkling Water in the Gilfenklamm in South Tyrol (Northern Italy)
The Gilfenklamm is an impressive gorge in Southern Tyrol. A steep trail leads through it. However, it is difficult to make a good photo of this spectacular play. Because of its depth, low sunlight never reaches the bottom, while mist is usually absent because of the water- and air turbulence. When we arrived, it was almost dusk... Read on...
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