TOP PHOTO 010 | Fly agaric creative Overview |
Mushrooms are really photogenic objects and often photographed, however, I find it hard to make anything creative of them. Mostly it becomes just a registration of which the attraction soon disappears. Here an attempt to do it in a different way.
This picture was taken last autumn in the region of Frankenland in Middle-Southern Germany. After a period of cold and wet weather we found several groups of fly agarics of all ages and shapes. The nicest for me are the unexpected details. Just point the camera and look through the viewfinder what it delivers. I used a smaller camera that allowed me to easily photograph upward from under the mushroom. The composition of course is quite important, but the diaphragm surely as well. Choosing a large lens opening one gets a more abstract image, the problem only is whether enough interesting sharpness remains. That’s why in such case I make a series of shots with different openings.
Naturally such images always lead to discussions about the amount of selective sharpness and whether, in this case, the green of the forest in the lower right corner of the image should be in it (I think it should). But the most attractive detail here for me is the peculiar light fall through the 'snake hole' in the mushroom’s hood.

Panasonic Lumix GX1, Olympus 50mm f/2 macro, f/2.8
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